On behalf of the Adivasi Arts Trust, Tara Douglas was invited to coordinate an Experimental Animation Workshop at the National Institute of Design in January 2016 for Post Graduate students of Animation Film Design.  The time allocated for the workshop was just 12 days, and the students were expected to make a short film.  The chosen medium to work with was sand.

I presented them with the idea of working on a tribal story as there was not much time.  The story belonged to the Kom tribe of Manipur and it was their creation myth that spoke of how they first emerged from a cave and how they had a special relationship with the Tiger.  During the workshop the students developed a script and a storyboard and they went on to make the short film using sand and cowrie shells.  The daily report by the students is available here

They also edited a short documentary about the project.

The final output, the short film Khurpui is also available.