Collaborating Tribes

We collaborate with tribal communities across India to document their myths, legends and folklore, and to create digital media artefacts.

These are the places where we work

Do you belong to one of the Tribal Communities, with a story to share and an interest in animation?

adivasiartstrust, Wancho, Arunachal Pradesh, Wancho Centre for Art Culture and Knowledge

Our Current Collaborators


Arunachal Pradesh
Galo Priest, Tama Mindo, Arunachal Pradesh, Tales of the Tribes, Rajiv Gandhi University, Centre for Cultural Research and Documentation, adivasiartstrust, Adivasi Arts Trust


Nye Mayel Kyong, Sikkim, Lepcha storytelling, Dzongu, Gangtok


Man Tiger Spirit, Angami storytelling,, Adivasi Arts Trust, Nagaland


Arunachal Pradesh
Apatani, Ziro, Tales of the Tribes, Abotani, Tani Tribes

Pardhan Gond

Madhya Pradesh
Pardhan Gond Bana Player,, Adivasi Arts Trust, Patangarh village, Madhya Pradesh

The artistic traditions of the Pardhan Gonds of Madhya Pradesh in Central India have evolved over the past thirty years through external influences and the application of new media, to provide a growing number of Pardhan Gonds with an artistic profession that carries their ancient culture into the contemporary environment.



Arunachal Pradesh
Wancho, Tankaam Pheam, Kamhua Noknu, Longding District,, Adivasi Arts Trust, North East India

The Wancho are a community of people inhabiting the Patkai hills of Longding district (previously part of Tirap), in Arunachal Pradesh. They have a population of 56,886 (Census 2011), and they are ethnically related to the Konyak of neighbouring Nagaland: for example, they had a tradition of elaborate tattoos and disposed of the dead in a similar way. The Wancho are organised under important chiefs called Wangham and according to tradition, a portion of any animal killed in a hunt was presented to the Wangham and the entire community combined to build the Wangham’s palace.  Every Wangham had his morung (male dormitory and meeting house), and his wife would tattoo the warriors after a head-hunting raid.