Workshop for Tribal Artists at Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, 6-21 June 2008

The workshop held at IGNCA engaged 40 participants for 15 days in the preproduction process of developing animated films. Three groups set about creating scripts, storyboards, character designs and test animated sequences for stories from the Pardhan Gonds, the Santhal and from Manipur.

Workshop for Tribal Artists at IGNCA 2008

Animation Workshop to create Presenter Character for Tales of the Tribes

A one month long workshop was held in August 2016 at Centurion University in Bhubaneshwar, in collaboration with the Institute of Knowledge Societies to adapt and develop the personality of Dr Verrier Elwin as the presenter of the Tales of the Tribes series of films. Three animation graduates from National Institute of Design: Wangdan Wangpan, Rabindra Bhagat and Kirat Brahma were invited, as well as the designer of the character, young artist Arak Sangma from Meghalaya. During the workshop, the character dialogues were recorded with Mani Ravi providing the voice; the storyboard and artwork were completed and the team began work on the animated linking sequences. The animation was completed in April 2017 by Wangdan Wangpan.

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