Creation: Our Stories of Life, Landscape and Belonging

We are looking for ways embedded in traditional tales that can assist us in our contemporary quest to live sustainably on a planet wide scale. Exploring the connections between Indian tribal tales and traditional Celtic stories, the project engages artists, volunteers and participants to create three works of art.

Our world is faced with multiple threats posed by the fierce degradation and destruction of our natural environment. Indigenous traditions across the globe speak of sustainable ways of life and the overall wellbeing that is derived from our relationships to nature.  The folklore tells us about interdependence and the webs of life in which we exist.  Indigenous stories are pathways to reimagine life in our local community. Creation is a project to research oral literature and learn from stories that value relationships to the more-than-human world. It is a study of ancient and contemporary stories to produce 3 new multi-media artworks for audiences in the UK. The project will allow us to expand our reach and diversity of audiences and collaborators, develop our professional practice and strengthen our organisation.

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