Wancho Animation Workshop announcement

The Wancho Animation Workshop is taking place from 16-30 March 2021, at the Department of Anthropology, North Eastern Hill University.
The workshop is part of The Stories of Our Ancestors, a project to carry out research on the oral traditions of the Wancho and Tangkhul communities of North East India, and then to adapt a story from each community for a short animated film. A group of young artists, students, media professionals and anthropologists will be meeting up during the 2 week long workshop to discuss the documentation, translation and adapatation process.

For the Wancho chapter, a collection of myths, folktales and recollected oral histories were recorded in 2019 and 2020. From this archive, The Wancho Story of the Gourd (an imaginative tale that speaks of the creation of the Chief system of the Wancho), was chosen to develop for a short film and the Workshop will take it to the next phase of animation production. The workshop will include talks and presentations, film screenings, visits to archives, focus group discussions and practical sessions in creating artwork and animated sequences. The workshop will be documented using audio and video formats.


  1. Can we take part too?

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