Welcome to the Adivasi Arts Trust, an organisation that promotes awareness of Indian tribal culture, and works with the tribes involving them in digital media projects to make their arts more widely accessible.

Through the activities of the Adivasi Arts Trust, tribal artists gain from increased exposure and a new appreciation of their artistic traditions.

Adivasi literally means “original inhabitants”, or indigenous peopleAdivasi culture has been passed on from one generation to another in the form of oral tradition, but with the impact of modern Westernized civilization in India, this practice is disappearing.   By encouraging the use of Indian tribal languages, oral tradition and story telling is kept alive for future generations and the integrity of the tribes is maintained.

Difficulties faced by tribal artists include lack of materials, psychological demoralization, a sense of inferiority in the face of commercial products and the absence of patronage.  It is important to promote tribal arts so that artists and artisans will be able to sustain themselves and continue their work, and it will also encourage cultural pride and well being within the tribal communities.